How To: Change the language in the Desk365 Teams Support Bot

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Now, you can customize the Desk365 Teams Support Bot and make it appear in your native language.

It’s now possible to change the language that you prefer in the bot, so that all items use the selected language (like ticket fields, ticket buttons).

Steps to change the language in the Support Bot

Follow the steps below to change the language of the Support Bot.

1. Go to Settings > Admin > Helpdesk Settings in the Desk365 Agent Portal.

2. In Choose the Language section, choose the language you would like to use in the Desk365 Teams Support Bot. 

For this example, let’s choose ‘German’ as the language and click on the ‘Save’ button below (by default, the language of the Bot is English).

choose your native language in helpdesk settings

3. Now let’s go to Desk365 Teams Support Bot. Since you’ve changed the language to German, you can reset the Bot to use the new language by typing the command ‘reset’ and press send.

support bot

You’ll notice it sends a welcome message in ‘German’ and makes the Bot appears localized (instructions, commands, and buttons).

This message provides a quick introduction to get started.

support bot in German language

4. Now, let’s create a new ticket in Support Bot.

creating a new ticket in support bot german language

You’ll notice that the title and button appear in the language that you’ve chosen. Now, let’s change the ticket fields (Subject and Description) to German as well.

5. Go to Settings > Admin > Ticket Fields. Here you can change the label for ‘Subject’ and ‘Description’ so that contacts will see these fields appear in the ‘German’ language when they create a ticket. Click on the ‘Save’ button to reflect these changes in the Support Bot.

changing ticket fields to German language for contacts

Now, let’s create a ticket again in the Support Bot. You’ll notice the changes being reflected and the ticket fields appear in the German language for contacts facilitating a personalized support experience for your end-users/contacts.

subject and description appears in German language in support bot

6. Let’s add two more new fields to the form: ‘Priority’ and ‘Group’.

To do this, Go to Settings > Admin > Forms.

Choose the ‘Create Ticket’ form in the Support Bot.

create ticket default form in support bot

The ‘Create Ticket’ Support Bot form appears. Here, you can add two more fields to the form: ‘Priority’ and ‘Group’ by dragging these fields from the left and dropping them into the list on the right. 

Also, you can make the necessary ticket fields required for the contacts if needed.

adding priority and groups to create ticket form in support bot

7. Now, let’s visit the Teams Support Bot again. Type the command ‘create’ and press Send. You’ll notice the new fields that we added just now appear in the bot in ‘German’ language.

priority and group fields appear in german language

Voila, that’s it. And this is just the beginning.

We’re working on adding language capabilities to the rest of the Desk365 applications. We’ll soon be implementing them in the order below:

1. The Customer Support Portal

2. Desk365 Microsoft Teams Agent Bot

3. The Agent Portal

Stay tuned for this big announcement in the coming weeks.

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