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How To: Get notified every time a ticket is created in your helpdesk

Looking for a way to be notified every time a ticket is created in your helpdesk, even if you are not assigned to it? 

This is a common use case, where you may want to be aware of all tickets that are coming into your helpdesk. You can do this easily in Desk365 by creating an Automation Rule. Let’s look at how to create a rule for this use case. 


Under the Settings > Productivity > Automation tab, you have to create a new rule which will be triggered on newly created tickets. 

get notified for tickets with the help of automation rule


Give a name to the rule you are creating and enter an appropriate description for it. 

automation name description


Here, you have 2 options – “All of the conditions” and “Any of the conditions”. Choose “Any of the conditions”  and choose Channel as your property. Choose each of the channels through which you may receive tickets. For example, if you use Email, Microsoft Teams and the Support Portal channels you’ll enter all three channels here as the conditions when the Automation Rule gets triggered.

automation channels


Once you have added all the conditions, choose “Notify Agent” and choose the agents that you wish to notify. Now click on Save Automation. 

That’s it. Now, each time a ticket is created through any of these channels, the rule gets triggered and the agents will be notified. This is an example of an Automation Rule that gets triggered when a ticket is created. We also have another option- “Ticket Updates” that gets triggered during the ticket update process.

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