How To: Add custom fields to the Create Ticket form

You can customize the Create Ticket forms by adding custom ticket fields that work for your specific needs. To get started, go to the Settings > Admin > Ticket Fields tab in your Desk365 helpdesk.

There are two types of custom fields:

1. Single Level Fields: These are fields that have a single level of hierarchy, fields like Dropdown, Text Input, Date, etc.


2. Multi-level fields: These fields have multiple levels of hierarchy. You can start at one level and based on the choice at the first level, the next level will display a different set of fields.


Let’s go through an example to see how to go about customizing the Create Ticket form. In this example, we want to change the Create Ticket form such that for each request we want the Contact to enter their department, their employee number and their joining date. All these are required before they can submit a ticket. 

Dropdown for Department:

As a first step, drag and drop the Dropdown field from the left and drop it into the list on the right. It’ll open up into a form where you can enter information pertaining to it:

Label for Agents: This name of the label is visible only to the Agents but not to contacts/ end customers. 

Label for Contacts: This name is visible to the contacts/end customers in the ticket form. 

Dropdown choices: Add the values in dropdown choices textbox. Click on Add choice if you want to add more choices. 

We have five channels through which tickets can be raised. You can choose to make this Department dropdown visible or invisible in each channel by selecting or deselecting the checkboxes for the respective channels individually. Only if select the checkbox of ‘Visible to Contacts’, this field will be visible in the ticket form of that respective channel. If you select ‘Required when submitting the form’, this field becomes a mandatory field. 

Clicking Save adds the Department Dropdown to the Create Ticket form and will now be available on all the channels you’ve chosen to make it visible. 

Number field for Employee Number:

In our example, Employee Number happens to be numeric only field. To allow only numbers to be entered, drag and drop the ‘Number’ field from the left into the list of fields:


Enter the label you would like to use and choose the channels you would like to display this field. In this example, we choose to make it visible and required in the Teams Support Bot and the Support Portal.

Date field for Joining Date:

The last field we need to add is the Joining Date. For this, drag and drop the ‘Date’ field into the list of fields:

That’s it! We’re done configuring the Create Ticket form to include the Department, Employee Number and Joining Date fields in the Teams Support Bot and the Support Portal. You can also drag and drop them to change the order in which they appear within the form. Preview how they look in the different support channels by clicking on the ‘Preview how they appear now in support channels’ link at the top of the Ticket Fields tab. 

Now, if you go to the Support Portal you’ll see the newly added fields appear as required fields in the Create Ticket form:


And, this is how it appears in the Teams Support Bot:

We just saw how easy it is to customize the Create Ticket form with your own fields. For more complex scenarios you can use multi-level fields that give you even more flexibility. We’ll go into more detail on multi-level fields in upcoming blog posts.

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