How to Configure Customer Support Portal

Giving customers fast, and immediate answers will help in improving customer satisfaction and make the brand stand out.

A customer support portal is a self-serve, web-based online portal where your contacts can create tickets, check on the status of previously created tickets, view solution articles from your Knowledge Base as well as search for any article, and more.

At Desk365, we deeply listen to our customers, and we rolled out a new look to the Customer Support Portal this week. The support portal layout has been modified to make it easier to access your tickets and Knowledge Base articles.

View ticket status in Desk365 support portal

Modify your Support Portal to reflect your brand guidelines

You can customize your support portal according to your brand guidelines and give your users a welcome feel with Desk365. You can reflect your support portal in your brand colors so that users will love the experience and it doesn’t look like an external product to them.

Let’s look at all the customizations that you can do in Support Portal in detail below:

1. Log in to your support portal as an administrator.  
2. Go to Settings > Channels > Support Portal

Settings Section

1. Banner Name

enter the banner name which you want to appear in support portal

Enter the name for your Support Portal under Banner Name. This is the name which your agents and contacts will be seeing on the top of the support portal.

2. Logo and Favicon

You can upload your company logo by clicking on Change logo.

Favicon is the image that represents a website on the address bar of a browser near the title of the page.

You can upload the Favicon image by clicking on Change Favicon.

Note: Company logo should not exceed 2 MB. Recommended height is 50 pixels.

Favicon should not exceed 64 KB. Recommended dimensions are 32 x 32 pixels.

Should be in .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .gif format.

3. Theme Color

update your theme color to appear in support portal

You can reflect your customer support portal in your brand theme colors so that users will love the experience.

Use the color palette to pick your right brand color or type in the hex codes under the Theme Color option.

4. Configure user access to the Support Portal

Configure how users can sign into the Support Portal

Now, you can choose who can create tickets and view the status of those tickets from the Support Portal. The default configuration is to allow all users who visit your Support Portal.

You can also change it to allow access only to users who have an account and have signed into the Support Portal.

5. Configure how users can sign into the Support Portal

Configure how users can sign into the Support Portal

Now, you can configure how the users can use Support Portal. The default configuration is to allow all users who visit your Support Portal Using either Microsoft 365 or Email.

You also have other options like “Using Microsoft 365 only” and “Using Email only”.

6. Choose the buttons to be displayed in the Support Portal header

default support portal header button

You can now customize the buttons that are displayed in the Customer Support Portal’s header.

Other than the Create Ticket button, you can add new buttons to the header that can be linked to URLs of your choice.

This is useful when you want to link to content that is outside of Desk365, like taking your customers to your website, google or anywhere as per your wish.

In this example, we added one more button to be made available in the support portal.

multiple buttons which can be displayed in support portal header

After adding the new buttons, you can find them displayed in the Support Portal header.

Finally, click on the Save button to apply all these changes reflected on your customer support portal immediately.

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