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How to configure Ticket Properties

We’ve made improvements in the ‘Ticket Properties’ menu to display the order of ticket fields according to your choice in the Agent Portal and the Teams Agent Bot.

Before this upgrade, if you had multiple forms and if you’re working on a ticket related to Employee Onboarding Form, you may also notice fields that are from a different form, say a Laptop Request form and might cause a distraction.

We’ve now made improvements in such a way that ticket properties in the Ticket Details page change automatically based on the form that was used to create the ticket.

Let’s take a look at these enhancements in detail below with an example.

Go to Tickets > All Tickets. Select any ticket for which you want to update ‘Ticket Properties’.

ticket properties menu in Desk365

In the ‘Ticket Properties’ menu, Click on the ‘Edit’ button and select the fields you would like to be displayed in the menu. 

click on the edit button in the ticket properties menu

You can also select the custom fields if you need them to appear.

In addition to this, you also have the ability to drag and drop the fields to change the order of display according to your choice.

drag and drop the ticket fields in the ticket properties menu

For tickets created using Ticket Forms (i.e., via channels other than email or API), then all the fields belonging to that form will be displayed automatically. You can decide the placement of the form within the Ticket Properties list here by dragging and dropping the ‘Ticket Form’ element at the right location.

Note: If the Ticket Form contains some ticket fields which are already part of Displayed Fields, then they will not be displayed again inside the Ticket Form.

This is handy for the support agents to update ticket properties by understanding the context of a ticket better.

Let me explain this further with an example. Let’s create two custom forms: ‘Marketing Form’ and ‘Onboarding Form’.

Go to Settings > Admin > Forms. Click on the ‘Add Ticket Form’ button at the top.

adding ticket form in Desk365

Provide a name for the form, fill in the details and choose the Channel as ‘Customer Support Portal’. Click on the ‘Create’ button to create the ‘Marketing Form’.

marketing custom form

‘Marketing Form’ is now successfully created. Choose the fields that you want to have in the ‘Marketing Form’ by dragging ticket fields from the left and dropping them to this form on the right.

choose the fields to be displayed in the marketing form

Similarly, we’re creating one more custom form called ‘Onboarding Form’ with unique fields suiting the form.

This blog post takes you through how to create custom forms in Desk365 to support different request types.

Let’s say your end-users/contacts/customers are creating a ticket from the Support Portal. Click on the ‘Create Ticket’ button at the top in the Support Portal.

You’ll notice three forms appearing in the Support Portal.

‘Create Ticket’ which is the default form in the Support Portal and the ‘Marketing Form’ and ‘Onboarding Form’ which are the custom forms that we created now.

multiple forms appearing in the support portal

Choose the ‘Marketing Form’ option. The ‘Marketing Form’ appears now. Fill in the required information in the form and click on the ‘Create Ticket’ button. The ticket is now successfully created.

marketing related ticket

Let’s say as the Agent, you noticed the ticket coming to your helpdesk and want to update some fields for the ticket in the Agent Portal.

Select the ticket for which you want to update the ‘Ticket Properties’.

Now for this ticket, you will notice that ‘Ticket Form’ automatically displays as ‘Marketing Form’ as the ticket came from the marketing form.

All the fields belonging to this form will be displayed automatically. Please note that if the form contains some ticket fields which are already part of Displayed Fields, then they will not be displayed again inside the Ticket Form.

This helps the support agents easily update any fields based on the context of the ticket.

marketing form appears in ticket properties dialog box

You can also drag and drop the fields to change the order of display.

changing order in the ticket properties market custom form

Similarly, you can update ticket properties in Microsoft Teams Agent Bot. Let’s say you want to update the ticket that came from the ‘Onboarding Form’.

Go to Desk365 Teams Agent Bot. Click on the ‘Details’ button in the ticket card.

details button in the agent bot

The ‘Ticket Details’ card appears now. Click on the ‘Update Properties’ button here.

update properties button in the ticket details card

The ‘Ticket Properties’ menu appears in the Desk365 Teams Agent Bot and agents can update ticket fields that they wish to update.

Also, only the fields belonging to the Onboarding form will be displayed automatically.

updating ticket properties in the onboarding form

Hope you find the feature useful for your support team.

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