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How To: Create and Send Customer Surveys

Getting timely feedback from your customers as they interact with your support team is imperative to understand and improve your customer experience. And, the best way to get timely feedback is to send out surveys whenever a ticket is resolved or closed.

With quantifiable data from these surveys you can then analyze them to understand how well your customers like your product or service, and make meaningful improvements that enhance your product or service.

Desk365’s highly configurable Surveys module makes it easy to create and send surveys to your endusers. 

Table of Contents

Create Survey

To get started, go to the Settings > Admin > Surveys tab and click on the ‘New Survey’ button.

creating a new customer satisfaction survey

Survey Name and Question:

Enter a name for the survey. This is useful for you to reference the survey while analyzing the responses received.

Create the question that your endusers will be answering. This field is prefilled with a default question. However, take time to figure out the right question to ask your endusers. The question might also depend on the type of survey that you’ll be choosing next. 

Survey Type:

Choose the type of survey that you would like to use. Desk365 provides you three different choices here. 

Customer Satisfaction or CSAT surveys are typically used to elicit a  response from endusers based on their most recent interaction with your support team. You can configure it to be on a 2 point, 3 point, 5 point or 7 point scale. For example, on a 5 point scale, your enduser will be given 5 choices to choose from.  By default, you’ll see the choices as ‘Extremely Satisfied’, ‘Mostly Satisfied’, ‘Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied’, ‘Mostly Dissatisfied’, ‘Extremely Dissatisfied’. You can, however,  change the text displayed for the choices according to your needs.

Star Rating surveys are a great way to increase the response rate from your endusers. It’s simple to understand and easy for your endusers to respond. The enduser is shown a 5 stars and is asked to pick the number of stars they would like to use as their rating.

creating a new star rating survey

Net Promoter Score or NPS surveys are typically used to gauge how likely your customers are to recommend your product or service to others. They can rate you on a scale from 1 to 10. Respondents are typically classified as Promoters (rated you 9 or 10), Passives (rated you 7 or 8) and Detractors (rated you 6 or lower). However, please note the actual rating and classifications can vary widely and unique for each product or service.

creating a new NPS Survey

Thank You Text:

Enter here the message you would like your endusers to see after they’ve responded to your survey. You also have the ability to add an additional text box on this page where your endusers can send in any additional comments they may have.

When are the surveys sent:

The last step is to choose when the survey is sent. You can choose to send it when a ticket is closed or when it is resolved.

Once the survey is live on your helpdesk, depending on this choice, the survey will be automatically sent out whenever a ticket is closed or resolved.

Survey Reports

After the survey is live, responses start coming in and get recorded. You can view reports on them right away from the Reports > Survey Reports tab. You’ll not only see reports on the survey that is live right now, but also reports on earlier surveys. You can also download the individual responses that were received. 

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