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How To: Customize the Desk365 Teams Support Bot

Desk365 Teams Support Bot is used by your Contacts (customers/users/end-users/employees/students) to create tickets, check on statuses, and respond to agents all from within Microsoft Teams.

At Desk365, we deeply listen to our customers, and we have rolled out a slew of enhancements to the Teams Support Bot this week. The Support Bot can be customized according to your brand guidelines. 

In this blog post, let’s take a look at the customizations that you can do to the Teams Support Bot in detail below.

Modify the Support Bot to Reflect Your Brand Guidelines

You can customize the Desk365 Teams Support Bot according to your brand themes and colors. This helps adoption of the Support Bot among your users who are already familiar with your brand and it’s colors.

Currently, you’ll notice that Desk365 Support Bot appears like this (see the screenshot below) in your help desk. You were not able to make any customizations until now.

support bot current version

Now, let’s take a look at all the customizations that you can do in Support Bot in detail below.

To get started, go to Settings > Channels > Microsoft Teams.

Select the ‘Support Bot’ Tab.

Click on the ‘Modify Support Bot’ button found below.

click on the modify support bot button

Here, you can make all the customizations with respect to your brand guidelines and make the Support Bot appear as your own brand bot.

1. Bot Name

By default, you’ll notice the name for the bot as ‘Support Bot’. You can change the name of the bot and provide your brand name so that so that users will love the native experience and it doesn’t look like an external product to them.

Note: The bot name should not exceed 30 characters.

2. Bot Description

Provide a short and full description for the bot. The users will notice the description when they place the cursor on the support bot on the Teams browser.

Note: A short description of the bot is used when space is limited. The short description should not exceed 80 characters.

The full description should not exceed 200 characters. The values of short and full decsription shouldn’t be the same. Your short description must not be repeated within the long description.

3. Support Portal Tab Name

Your Support Portal is available as a tab within the Support Bot. This is the name that’ll be used for that tab.

Note: The tab name should not exceed 32 characters.

4. Message Extension Title

This is the menu item you see when you try to create a Desk365 ticket from any message you’ve received in Microsoft Teams.

Note: The Message Extension Title should not exceed 32 characters.

5. Support Bot Icon & Outline Icon

You can upload your brand icons here.

Note: Support Bot Icon recommended dimensions are 192 x 192 pixels.

Outline Icon can be white with a transparent background or transparent with a white background. No other colors are permitted. It must be 32 x 32 pixels.

Icons should be in .png format.

6. Accent Color

Accent color is used as a background for your outline icon. It is also used to accent messages in your Support Bot.

contoso brand data

After entering your brand details, click on the ‘Modify Support Bot’ button to make the Support Bot appear according to your brand guidelines.

Finally, click on the ‘Download Support Bot’ button.

download contoso modified support bot

Now, the Support Bot that you customized has been downloaded and you can upload the Support Bot as a custom app in your Microsoft Teams Apps instance.

Click on ‘Manage your apps’ and select the ‘Upload an app’ Option.

Choose ‘Upload a custom app’ and upload your new version of the Support Bot.

adding custom made support bot to your teams instance.

Now, you can add the new version of the Support Bot in your Microsoft Teams Instance by clicking on the ‘More added apps’ button and add your customized version of the Support Bot.

upload custom support bot to your teams instance

The customized version of the Support Bot is successfully added and it’s looking great reflecting your brand guidelines.

contoso support bot with modified changes

Also, when you create a ticket in Microsoft Teams Chat, you’ll notice the ‘Message Extension Title’ that you have given reflecting here.

message extension in Teams Chat

Things to Note

We wanted to mention a few things which we thought will be useful for you. I’ll list them below:

1. Sometimes, it takes more time for all the changes to get reflected in your Teams instance. We highly recommend you to log off once and log in back again after you finish uploading the custom support bot.

2. In the Ticket Card View, sometimes the name is not reflecting properly.

dev support bot name

Please note that sometimes it takes Microsoft Teams a few hours to days to reflect all the settings changes. You may also see some part of the bot reflecting the new changes while some parts take longer to update. This is dependent on how fast Microsoft Teams refreshes the changes that are made.

Play around with the Desk365 Teams Support Bot customizations and try the best Microsoft Teams ticketing system for your business starting today.

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