How To: Customize the Create Ticket form

Creating tickets to raise a support request is usually the first experience your users have with your support team. Let’s see how you can configure a Create Ticket form in Desk365 that makes it easy for your users to raise a ticket with fields that make sense for your support agents as well as your users.

Go to the Settings > Admin > Ticket Fields tab to get started: 

ticket fields tab in Desk365

The tab comes pre populated with ‘Default’ fields that are already part of Desk365. These are fields like Priority, Status, Subject, Type etc., that are common fields found in tickets.

Other than the ‘Default’ fields you can also add customized fields that are more specific to your own helpdesk. You can add them to your Create Ticket form by dragging them from the left side of the Ticket Fields tab into the right side where you see the ‘Default’ fields. 

You’ll find two types of these customizable fields: single level and multi level. As the name implies Multi level fields are those that can dynamically populate a second or more levels when you select an element in the top level. Among single level fields are standard elements like Dropdown, Text Input, Check Box, Date and Number that you can use depending on what you need for your Create Ticket form.

Now, let’s go through a simple example that illustrates some of the customization capabilities you can find here:

Change Group to Department

A Group contains all agents that belong to it. It is usually not present in the default ticket forms which are provided when you first create your Desk365 account.

group ticket field

Now, you may want to enable it in your Teams Support Bot so that your users can decide which Group sees the support request. Your users may also know it as a Department and not as a Group. You can change the Label for Contacts to say ‘Department’.

changing group name to department for contacts

Further if you click on ‘Required when submitting the form’, it becomes a mandatory field for the user when raising the ticket.  Now, click on Save and you’re done customizing the Group field to be visible in the Support Bot and you’ve changed the name to ‘Department’.

Now, when a user goes to raise a ticket from the Teams Support Bot, they’ll see a Create Ticket form similar to this:


This is a very simple customization that can be done on Default fields. As you get familiar with Ticket Fields you’ll see that you can customize it to satisfy even your most complex workflow requirements. We’ll go into more detailed customizations in future blog posts.

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