Product Updates – August 20, 2022

We’ve rolled out several new awesome updates this week. Updates include new formatting options in the Text Editor, select column choices in the Support Portal, a new automation rule to Email Contacts, Ticket Activities List for individual tickets, new charts in Productivity reports, and minor bug fixes.

Let’s dig into this week’s updates in detail below:

We’ve made the following additions to the text editor in Desk365 to make it customizable according to your needs. Formatting options such as font size, color, and background color are added to the editor, and you can use them starting today.

new formatting options in Desk365 editor

Ability to select the columns to be displayed in the Support Portal

You can now choose the column choices that you want to display in the Support Portal’s tickets list.

select column choices that you want to appear in the support portal
support portal saved column choices

You can also view the selected column choices inside the individual tickets in the Ticket Properties tab.

New Automation Rule: 'Ticket Requester' in Email Contact

Other than emailing specific Contacts based on an automation rule getting triggered, you may want to email the requester of the ticket (the Contact who created the ticket). By selecting the ‘Ticket Requester’ you can now do this. Desk365 will then automatically email the Ticket Requester with the email you’ve set up. 

new automation rule ticket requester

View all the Ticket Activities

Want to see what’s happening with your tickets? Yes, we heard your feedback and now you can see all the activities associated with each individual ticket inside the Ticket Details tab.

view all the ticket activities in the ticket details page

Brand-New Chart Features in Productivity Reports

We’ve been working tirelessly on reports, and we’ve shipped a lot of new features to make it easier for you to measure the data of your support team performance in beautiful charts.

Let’s discuss in detail below.

Created vs Completed

Created vs Completed graph displays the number of tickets created to the number of tickets completed during a particular period of time. There are so many filter options available for you and you can apply them and view the charts according to your needs. The charts can be displayed by daily, weekly or monthly view. And you also have the option to select a particular SLA and view the performance.

created vs completed graph

Completed within SLA

In this graph, you can see the tickets completed and tickets completed within SLA deadlines and compare them in this chart.

completed within SLA graph

Completed in 24 hours

In this graph, you can see the number of tickets completed to the tickets completed in 24 hours and compare the data of both in the form of great visuals.

completed in 24 hours graph

In addition to these improvements in Productivity Reports, we’ve also fine tuned the UI and UX for Ticket Trends report.

Hope you enjoy using these new features and make the most out of them for your business.

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