Product Updates – September 03, 2022

We’ve rolled out several new awesome & exciting updates this week. They include the ability to have your own custom ticket statuses, multi-brand knowledge base, additional options to sort tickets, customization options in the agent web app header section, SLA based filter options, and minor bug fixes.

Let’s take a look into this week’s product updates in detail below:

We’ve updated aggregate ticket numbers in the Home tab with emphasis on Unresolved tickets. This is a more useful number for everyone to notice their unresolved tickets at a quick glance. And, custom status ticket numbers also now appear in the Home page.

home page tickets dashboard

Ability to have Multi-Brand Knowledge Base

Manage solution articles for your multiple customers from a single place. Deliver unique support experiences tailored for each customer by having different folders of solution articles for different customers.

ability to have multi-brand knowledge base

Choose the buttons to be displayed in the Agent Web App Header

Now, you can customize the buttons to be displayed in the Agent Web App header section.

You can add up to three new buttons to the header linked to URLs of your choice. A maximum of three buttons are allowed. You can inactivate older buttons to make room for new ones.

This is useful when you want to link to content that is outside of Desk365, like taking your customers to your website, google or anywhere else as per your wish.

In this example, we added one new button to be made available in the agent web app header portal and removed some of the older buttons.

Finally, click on the Save button to apply all these changes reflected on your agent web app portal immediately.

More Ticket Sorting Options Available

We’ve rolled out more options to sort tickets according to your needs. Now, tickets can be automatically sorted in order of priority, due time, status, type, SLAs, channels, and more so that you can focus on responding to the most important customer queries first.

SLA Based Filters

Do you have an active SLA policy for your business? That’s great because now you can filter Tickets by ‘SLA’. You can also save the filter as ‘Custom View’ so that you can keep monitoring the tickets that has an SLA rule applied to it.

Similarly, you can filter by ‘SLA’ in the Ticket Trends and Survey Reports.

Hope you enjoy using these new features for your business.

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