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How To: Use Dropdown with Sections field in Desk365

Using Desk365, you can create any number of ticket fields that can be used in ticket forms. You’ll find two ticket field types in Desk365: Single level and Multi-level. Single Level Fields: These are fields that have a single level of hierarchy like Dropdown, Text Input, Date, Number etc. Multi-level

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How To: Configure Ticket Properties

When working in a helpdesk software, it’s important to have access to the right information at the right time. Before today’s feature upgrade, all groups within an organization could see all ticket fields, regardless of whether they were relevant to them. However, not all information is relevant to every team

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How To: Export tickets from Desk365

Exporting tickets from your helpdesk can be a valuable way to analyze and manage customer support data. It is also helpful for creating reports, tracking ticket volume data, sharing information with other team members, and identifying areas for further improvement in your support team operations. When you export tickets from

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How To: Change the order of ticket field filters As most of our customers requested further improvements in the Filters option to change the order of filters displayed in the Agent Portal, we’ve gone ahead and made these changes live in the Desk365 app today to make the ‘Filters Order’ display according to your choice. How to change

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Say hello to Desk365’s new powerful text editor

We’re super excited to announce that we have launched a new text editor that you can use while replying to tickets, creating help center articles, and editing your profile signature. The new editor has powerful capabilities that makes it easy to use and customize, such as inline editing, adding tables,

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Email Domain Verification using DKIM

As a business owner or administrator, it’s important to ensure that the emails you send are secure and trusted by your recipients. One way to do this is through the use of domain keys identified mail (DKIM). DKIM is a method of verifying the authenticity and integrity of an email

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How To: Use Read Only Text Field in Desk365 Using Desk365, you can create any number of custom ticket fields that can be included in ticket forms. There are ‘Default’ ticket fields like Subject, Priority, Status, Type, and more that are already part of Desk365. Other than the ‘Default’ fields you can also add customized fields that are

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How To: Change the language in the Desk365 Teams Support Bot Yes, you’ve heard it right. Now, you can customize the Desk365 Teams Support Bot and make it appear in your native language. It’s now possible to change the language that you prefer in the bot, so that all items use the selected language (like ticket fields, ticket buttons). Steps

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How To: Create a Custom Role Roles are used to configure how your support team members can access Desk365. For example, you may want new members of your team to just have access to view the tickets and maybe add notes to them, but not respond to support requests. Roles can be configured for different

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How To: Customize the Desk365 Teams Support Bot

Desk365 Teams Support Bot is used by your Contacts (customers/users/end-users/employees/students) to create tickets, check on statuses, and respond to agents all from within Microsoft Teams. At Desk365, we deeply listen to our customers, and we have rolled out a slew of enhancements to the Teams Support Bot this week. The

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