Agent Bot - Setup Guide

The Desk365 Agent Bot helps you collaborate and respond better using the power of Microsoft Teams.

Finding Desk365 in Teams:

Below are the steps to add the Desk365 Agent Bot to your Microsoft Teams instance: 

  1. Go to Apps on the left of Teams, then search for Desk365.  
new side bar

      2. Select the Desk365 app to open the description window. 

Searching for Microsoft Teams Agent Bot

      3. Click the Add button. 

Add Desk365 agent bot to yours Teams instance

Congrats! You have added the Desk365 Agent Bot to your Microsoft Teams instance. 

Note: If your don’t have the necessary privileges to add Teams apps, you’ll need to contact your Teams Administrator to add the Agent Bot.

Welcome Message:

When the Desk365 Agent Bot is installed, it sends welcome message. This message provides a quick introduction for your agents and some commands to get started.

desk365 welcome message


Desk365 Agent Bot works with a few commands. These can be selected or entered as text in the input area.






Get list of open & pending tickets.

Get list of unassigned tickets.

Reset bot settings.


list of commands in agent bot

My Tickets:

See tickets assigned to you. Select a ticket to open the full ticket details.

desk365 my tickets

Unassigned Tickets:

See assigned tickets. Select a ticket to open the full ticket details.

desk365 unassigned tickets


The reset command will reset the bot settings.


Reply to a ticket:

Clicking on the Add Reply button will add a new reply to the ticket.

reply to a ticket in support bot

Add Attachment:

Desk365 Agent Bot allows you to add attachment to a ticket..

add attachments to a given ticket

      1. Select Add Attachment and Desk365 Agent Bot will ask you to send a file to attach. 

desk365 attachment info

      2. Once attached, Desk365 Agent Bot will add this file to the ticket and send you an acknowledgement.

Attachment Acknowledgement

Add Note to a ticket:

Clicking on the Add Note button will add a new note to the ticket. You can also specify whether it is a private or public note.

add a note in a ticket

Update Ticket Details:

The Update Properties button updates the following ticket properties.

  • Assigned To
  • Priority
  • Status
  • Contract
  • Type

Add Contact Reply Notification:

The Desk365 Agent Bot will notify the assigned agent when a contact to their ticket.

contact replied notification

Assignment Notification:

The Desk365 Agent Bot will notify the agent that the ticket has been assigned.

Ticket Assigned notification for agents

Note Notification:

The Desk365 Agent Bot will notify the agent that a new note has been added by another agent.

private note notification