Support Bot - Setup Guide

Below are the steps to get setup with the Support Bot:

Download the Support Bot

First you’ll need to download the app manifest zip:

  1. Sign in to the Desk365 Web App. 
  2. In the left navigation, go to Settings > Microsoft Teams. 
  3. Download the Support Bot.

Install/Upload Support Bot

You’ll need to have appropriate permissions to upload Teams Apps to do the below:

      1. In the lower left corner of Teams, choose the Apps icon. On the Apps page, choose Upload a custom app.

      2. You can choose to:

                  (i) Upload for me or my teams (or)

                  (ii) Upload for Org.

       3. Option (i) above is best if you just want to test Support Bot and Option (ii) is best when the Support Bot is used organization wide.


Finding Support Bot in Teams:

Once it is installed for your organization a user can easily add Support Bot to their instance of Teams.

1. Select Apps in the Teams sidebar to open the Apps tab. 

2. Find and select Support Bot to open the details window. 

3. In the support bot details window, click Add.

Congrats! You have added the Support Bot to your Microsoft Teams instance.

Support Bot Welcome Message:

When the Support Bot is installed, it sends a welcome message. This message provides a quick introduction to get started.

Company Not Found Message:

If the Company is not setup yet in the Desk365 platform you would see a message that says “Company Not Found”.

Company Not Found Message

This happens if the Company is not setup in the Desk365 web app. In that case, please contact your customer support team.

Note to Support Agents:  You’ll need to add a Company with the domain name of your customer as shown here. This domain is used to check users of the Support Bot and associate them with your support team. Once it is done, you should be able to see the correct Welcome Message in the Support Bot.

Add Company

Support Bot Commands:

Support Bot works with the commands below: 

  1. create
  2. status
  3. reset

Initiate a new request with our support team.

Check the status of your previously created tickets.

Reset bot settings.


Clicking on ‘create’ or typing the word ‘create’ will result in the Create a New Ticket card to appear.


A list of your previous tickets will be displayed.

Ticket Details:

By clicking on the “Details” button in the List of Tickets card, you can view the full details of a ticket.

Add Reply to a Ticket :

Clicking on the Add Reply button will add a new reply to the ticket.

Add Attachment:

Support Bot allows you to add an attachment to a ticket..

      1. Select Add Attachment and Support Bot will ask you to send a file to attach. 

      2. Once attached, the Support Bot will add this file to the ticket and send you an acknowledgement.

Notifications :

The Support Bot makes sure that users are updated on the status of their tickets with Teams notifications. 

Here are some examples: 

Reply Notification :

Contact will be notified when an agent replied to the ticket.

Note Notification :

Contact will be notified when a new note has been added to the ticket.

Ticket Resolved Notification :

Contact will be notified when a ticket has been resolved.

Ticket Closed Notification :

Contact will be notified when a ticket has been closed.

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