A robust and affordable Groove alternative

Meet Desk365, a cloud-based modern helpdesk that lets you deliver stellar customer service across multiple channels like Email, Support Portal, Microsoft Teams, Web Forms, and more.

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Powerful Ticketing Platform

Desk365 is a omni-channel ticketing platform, that includes Microsoft Teams ticketing along with custom email servers and a customer support portal. This makes it easy to run a help desk that can interact well with Microsoft Teams as well as handle requests from other important channels which are convenient to your customers.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Offer top-notch support without breaking your bank. Groove’s Starter plan offers only a limited set of features, and as companies grow they’ll likely have to move to higher-cost plans, and it has a limitation of a single mailbox whereas Desk365 has a single Pro Plan that covers all the features at a much more affordable price.

Ease of use

Many people are looking for helpdesk software that is simple and easy-to-use. Delight your support team by shifting to an intuitive and straightforward help desk using Desk365. Set up your entire support operations in a matter of hours and our onboarding specialists will guide you throughout your journey as you transition and onboard your help desk to Desk365.

Comparing Desk365 vs. Groove

Features Desk365 Groove
Microsoft Teams App for Agents
Create tickets from Microsoft Teams
Email Ticketing (Limited Number of Mailboxes)
Customer Support Portal
Web Form / Web Widget
Automations (More Robust & Powerful)
Knowledge Base
Custom Email Servers
Custom Ticket Fields
Custom Roles
Time Tracking
Customer Surveys (Multiple Survey Types)
Agent Collision Detection
Custom Statuses
API Access
Power Automate Connector
Azure AD Single Sign-On (Easy to set-up)
Onboarding Specialist
Email Support
Free Trial (21 Days) (30 Days)
Free Plan Available
Lowest Paid Plan $10/agent/month $12/agent/month
Highest Paid Plan $10/agent/month Available on Request!

Last Updated Date: 15-May-2023

Choose a partner that helps you succeed

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“Desk365 has got all the right ingredients that a helpdesk solution needs under its belt. We use them to manage support for our inhouse & partner product portfolios, custom developments and change management requests. They are constantly innovating and bringing great features at a rapid pace. Apart from the great product itself, they have a fantastic customer support team that is always there to support you and get the features that you want to be implemented in the helpdesk.”
Jugal Piplani
Technical Solutions Manager, Gapcloud

Why should you choose Desk365 over Groove?

You would not want a helpdesk that has performance problems and loading time issues. Desk365’s features, customizability, and simplicity make it the best Groove alternative for the support team that wants to work efficiently and enhance customer service.

Set up advanced Automations

Create automation rules that are simple to establish and activated upon ticket creation and updates. With a highly customizable and user-friendly interface, creating intricate workflows based on various ticket/customer characteristics, keywords, subject lines, SLAs, and more becomes effortless.

SLAs that are simple to set up

The powerful SLA module of Desk365 allows you to create recurring reminders prior to ticket due dates, helping you to keep track of ticket commitments. The ability to implement a no SLA policy, apply different default SLAs for various companies, and set reminders and escalation protocols to manage customer tickets is also available.

Understand Customer Context Better

Get a 360 degree view of your customers and track their previous interactions with the support team through various channels, such as Support Portal, Phone, Email, and more. Effortlessly keep track of their entire ticket history with a quick glance in the same unified interface. Searching for any closed tickets should be simple to accomplish.

Create Powerful Reports

Personalize your reports to gain insight into what matters for your business. Track crucial metrics like ticket volume data or agent performance and make informed choices to improve your business. Elevate the performance of your support team further and make data-driven decisions using our powerful reports module.

Self-Service Portal for Customers​

Provide your customers with an online portal where they can create tickets, check statuses, and access solution articles from your Knowledge Base. Customize the Portal with respect to your brand guidelines. Advanced options enable you to restrict access to signed-in users, and even show particular articles to specific customers.

Monitor the Time Spent on Tickets

Having the ability to track time is a vital feature in a helpdesk. You’ve the ability to track the amount of time each agent spends on tickets using Desk365. You can either input the exact time spent on a ticket or use a timer to keep track of it. Time tracking is beneficial when billing clients for the work done on tickets.

Create Custom Roles

Create unique roles and permissions for different users within the helpdesk system. This provides more precise control over who can access and perform specific actions within the system, including creating and managing tickets, changing home tab panels, viewing reports, and accessing certain sections of the helpdesk.

Partner That Helps You Succeed

We always strive for customer happiness and go beyond the boundaries to solve customer issues and deeply listen to your feedback to create a product that works better for you. Try us out today and experience our exceptional customer service for yourself.

Worried about the effort involved in switching to Desk365?

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