All the tools you need.

Delight your customers at scale

Help your customer support team exceed expectations. Automation and self-service features help your team provide service at scale. Productivity and Collaboration features that make your support team stand out. All in an easy-to-use, intuitive UI that’s a breeze to set up.

Modern Ticketing.

At Desk365, Microsoft Teams isn’t just another channel or a checkbox item. We’ve built Desk365 from the ground up with conversational ticketing in mind.

Unified Inbox.

A single inbox where all your customer support requests are present. Your agents can now collaborate and manage requests from all channels in one easy-to-use, intuitive interface.


Automation macros that get triggered during ticket creation and ticket updates. Highly configurable based on ticket/customer properties and events.


Service Level Agreements are monitored to provide you with periodic reminders before they’re due, as well as if and when infractions occur.

Collision Detection.

Architected to avoid multiple agents working on the same issue. Web socket based communication makes sure users are instantly notified of all changes that happen to the tickets that are currently in view.

Increase your team productivity.

Tools that automate mundane tasks so that your agents concentrate only on tasks that require their attention.

Instant Notifications.

Alert agents instantly on ticket replies and other ticket activities via email and the web. Desk365 Agent Bot helps notify agents via push notifications on Microsoft Teams.

Canned Responses.

Agents can create canned responses. Having a library of canned responses makes it easy to respond quickly to routine requests.

Merge/Split Tickets.

Merge inadvertently created duplicate tickets so multiple agents aren’t working on the same task. Split complicated issues into multiple tickets to address them effectively.

Custom Views.

Create filtered ticket views that suit your requirements, save them as custom views and they’re available for you all the time. Get analytics and metrics based on custom views.

Agent Bot.

Microsoft Teams Agent Bot that makes it easy to work on tickets while your agents are on the go.

Collaborate with ease.

Features that make it easy for your agents to collaborate and provide quick, consistent service to your customers.

Unified Inbox.

Messages from all channels get converted into tickets and reside in one unified inbox. Makes it easy to prioritize and assign to the right agents at the right time.

Knowledge Base.

Create and share solution articles with ease using the Knowledge Base. Share articles with other agents, review them and then publish them. Make selected folders public that customers can view on the support portal.

Contact Comments.

Collaborate with other agents about specific contacts via Contact Comments that appear at the right spots based on the context of the tickets being worked on.

Private Notes.

Collaborate on tickets with colleagues via private notes. Helps you make in-context remarks about specific tickets before you’re ready to respond to customers.

Go where your customers are.

Make it easy for your customers to reach you through all the channels that are convenient to them.

Microsoft Teams.

Your customers can create tickets, receive notifications, check on statuses and respond back to your agents, all without leaving Teams.


Customer emails get converted into tickets. Agent responses are sent via email and are also visible on your customer support portal.

Support Portal.

Provide your customers with a web portal where they can create and manage tickets, view solution articles from your Knowledge Base.

Web Widget.

Web widget that can be easily configured to fit into your website or web product. A powerful way for your customers to send in-context information while creating tickets.

Web Form.

Prefer an iframe form to a web widget? No worries, we got you covered with a configurable web form that you can add to your website.


We’re just getting started. More channels are coming. Reach out to if you’re looking for a specific channel to be added.

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