Customers Love It.

Your customers can now reach you from Microsoft Teams

Give your customers the power of conversational ticketing with the Desk365 Support Bot. Push notifications help them to be on top of their requests without the need to check email on a regular basis.

Create Tickets from Teams Messages

Convert direct messages or any messages in a public group/channel into a trackable ticket in Microsoft Teams.

Conversational Ticketing.

With the Desk365 Support Bot your customers can create new requests and communicate with your support teams using Microsoft Teams. 

Instant notifications.

Microsoft Teams push notifications help your customers be notified instantly of any actions taken on their tickets. Unified inbox helps agents know instantly of customer queries and responses within the web app.

Gather tickets from multiple sources in Teams

Collect tickets submitted via email, chat, support portal, and more directly in Microsoft Teams.

Reach Support Portal right within Teams

View all your tickets in the support portal without leaving Microsoft Teams. Allow your end-users to login seamlessly using Single Sign-on through Azure AD. View solution articles from your Knowledge Base, check on ticket status, and do more in the customer support portal without leaving Teams.

Customizable Ticket Fields & Forms

Set up ticket fields according to your own requirement. You can do this by taking advantage of the Desk365 Ticket Fields options and custom forms. Helps when you want to have different forms for multiple groups/departments.

Customize the Support Bot

The Desk365 Teams Support Bot can be customized with your own brand logo, theme color, and copy to match your brand guidelines.

Get started today.

Setting up the Support Bot is quick and easy. Detailed instructions on setting up the Support Bot can be found here