Agent Escalation

The process of forwarding a customer ticket or inquiry from one support agent to a higher-level agent or authority for specialized assistance or resolution.

What is Agent Escalation?

Agent escalation in the context of Desk365 refers to the process of elevating a support ticket or issue to a higher level of expertise or authority within the support team. This is typically done when the initial agent handling the ticket lacks the necessary knowledge or resources to resolve the issue promptly. 

The Role of SLAs in Agent Escalation

SLAs, or Service Level Agreements, play a crucial role in supporting agent escalation. SLAs define the expected response and resolution times for different types of support tickets. In the context of Desk365, SLAs ensure that escalated tickets receive attention within the specified time frames, preventing delays in resolving customer issues. 


By implementing effective SLAs, Desk365 can streamline the agent escalation process, ensuring that customer concerns are addressed promptly and as per predefined service standards. This contributes to overall customer satisfaction and helps maintain a high level of service quality. 

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