A user responsible for managing and resolving customer inquiries, tickets, and support-related tasks in the Agent Portal

Who is an Agent in a Ticketing System?

An agent in a ticketing system refers to a user or representative who interacts with the ticketing system to manage and respond to customer inquiries, issues, or support requests. Agents play a crucial role in providing effective customer support across various communication channels. 


What Role does an Agent play in Desk365?

Their roles include: 

  • Ticket Management: Agents use helpdesks to create, update, and manage tickets, which represent customer issues or requests. They ensure that each ticket is addressed promptly and resolved on time. 
  • Communication: Agents in a ticketing system communicate with customers, team members, and other stakeholders. This includes responding to customer inquiries, providing updates on ticket status, and collaborating with colleagues to resolve complex issues. 
  • Knowledge Base Utilization: Agents leverage the knowledge base within Desk365 to access relevant information and solutions. This helps them provide accurate and consistent responses to customer queries. 
  • Multi-channel Support: Desk365 integrates with various communication channels such as Microsoft Teams, Email, web forms, web widgets, and support portals. Agents use these channels to interact with customers on their preferred platforms. 
  • Reporting and Analytics: Agents may use the reporting and analytics features of Desk365 to track and analyze support performance metrics. This helps in identifying areas for improvement and optimizing the support process. 

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