A set of protocols and tools allowing different software applications to communicate and share data, enabling seamless integration and interaction between Desk365 and third party apps.

What is API?

API, or Application Programming Interface, is a set of rules and tools that allows different software applications to communicate with each other. Desk365’s API enables seamless integration with various platforms, enhancing the overall functionality of the ticketing system. 

How does API in Desk365 help in improving customer support?

  • API facilitates the automation of various tasks within the customer support workflow. It allows for the creation of custom workflows, automating repetitive processes, and reducing manual intervention. 
  • As Desk365 works with Microsoft Teams, the API enables the integration of support functionalities directly into the Teams environment. This ensures that support teams can manage tickets and provide assistance without leaving the Teams interface. 
  • Desk365’s API supports the integration of web forms and widgets, making it easier for customers to submit support requests directly from a website.  
  • With API integration, Desk365 can seamlessly connect with various channels such as email and support portals. This ensures that customer interactions and ticket management can occur across multiple platforms, providing flexibility to both customers and support teams. 

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