First Call Resolution

Resolving customer issues in a single contact, without the need for follow-up.

What is First Call Resolution (FCR)?

First Call Resolution (FCR) is a key performance metric in customer support that measures the ability of support agents to resolve a customer’s inquiry or issue during their initial contact, without the need for the customer to follow up or make additional calls.  
In the context of a ticketing system like Desk365, FCR signifies successfully addressing and resolving customer concerns within the first interaction, often tracked through the creation and closure of a single support ticket. 

Benefits of First Call Resolution for Agents Using a Ticketing System

  • Resolving issues on the first call leads to higher customer satisfaction. 
  • Agents benefit from reduced workload when issues are resolved in the initial interaction. This allows them to focus on new inquiries and ensures a more manageable workload. 
  • Agents can handle a higher volume of support requests when FCR rates are high, leading to increased productivity. 
  • FCR reduces the effort required from customers to resolve their issues. This, in turn, contributes to a smoother customer journey and builds trust in the support process. 
  • When FCR is achieved, the ticketing system records the resolution in a single ticket. This simplifies the tracking and reporting process, making it easier for agents to manage their workflow. 

How Desk365 Supports First Call Resolution?

Desk365, being a ticketing system, supports FCR through its various features: 

  • Integration with a knowledge base allows agents to access relevant information quickly, aiding in effective issue resolution during the first interaction. 
  • Desk365’s automated ticket assignment ensures that incoming tickets are routed to the right group or the most qualified agent, facilitating quicker and more accurate resolutions. 
  • Collaboration features within Desk365 enable agents to consult with colleagues via notes, enhancing their ability to resolve complex issues on the first call. 
  • Desk365’s reporting feature allows agents to track FCR rates and identify areas for improvement. 

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