Average First Response Time (FRT)

The average duration taken by support agents to provide an initial response to tickets

What is Average First Response Time (FRT)?

The Average First Response Time (FRT) is a crucial metric in customer support, measuring the time it takes for a support team to respond to an initial customer inquiry. 


What are the Benefits of tracking Average FRT?

  • Customer Satisfaction- Swift responses lead to higher customer satisfaction, as users feel valued and attended to promptly. 
  • Issue Resolution Speed – Tracking FRT highlights areas for improvement, ensuring faster issue resolution and enhanced customer experience. 
  • Operational Efficiency – Efficient response times indicate a well-organized support system, optimizing resource allocation and workflow. 
  • Customer Retention- Timely responses contribute to customer loyalty, reducing the likelihood of customers seeking alternatives. 

How Desk365 Supports in tracking FRT?

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, Email, and other channels ensures immediate access to customer queries. 
  • Desk365’s automated ticketing system swiftly categorizes and assigns tickets, streamlining the support process. 
  • Instant notifications enable support teams to stay on top of incoming inquiries, facilitating quicker response times. 
  • Robust analytics in Desk365 allow teams to monitor and analyze FRT trends, identifying areas for enhancement.

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