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Omni-Channel Ticketing Platform

While Bold Desk operates as an email ticketing system, Desk365 stands out by offering comprehensive omni-channel support, including integration with Microsoft Teams. Desk365’s capabilities extend beyond email, encompassing a customer support portal, web forms, and web widgets. Notably, Desk365 goes the extra mile by providing customization options for support emails and various features.

All-in-one Transparent Pricing

Deliver top-notch customer support without breaking your bank. Bold Desk offers varied pricing structures, featuring only basic functionalities in the starter plan and reserving desired features like automations, customizations, SLAs for the growth and enterprise plans, which come at higher costs. In contrast, Desk365 simplifies it for you with a single pro plan encompassing all the essential features you require.

Microsoft Teams Ticketing

Fed up of dealing with software that falls short of your expectations or lacks user-friendliness? Elevate your customer support to new heights by making the switch to Desk365, offering the finest user interface and all-encompassing features under one roof. Enjoy a seamless ticketing experience with Azure AD single sign-on and Microsoft Teams integration, as our platform is built from the ground up for Microsoft 365 environments.

Comparing Desk365 vs. Bold Desk

Here is an in-depth feature comparison between Desk365 and Bold Desk, two prominent customer support platforms in the industry,



Bold Desk

Microsoft Teams App for Agents

Create tickets from Microsoft Teams

Email Ticketing

Customer Support Portal

Web Form / Web Widget

(Only in Growth and Enterprise plans)


(More Robust & Powerful)

(Only in Growth and Enterprise plans)

Knowledge Base


(Limited to 5 mailboxes in Plus plan)

Custom Email Servers

Custom Ticket Fields

Custom Roles

(Only in Growth and Enterprise plans)

Time Tracking

Customer Surveys

(Multiple Survey Types)

(Only in Growth and Enterprise plans)


(Multiple Custom Reports)

Agent Collision Detection

Custom Statuses and Categories

(Only in Growth and Enterprise plans)

API Access

(Limited to 100rpm)

Power Automate Connector

Azure AD Single Sign-On

(Easy to set-up)

(Only in Growth and Enterprise plans)

Onboarding Specialist

Email Support

Free Trial

(21 Days)

(15 Days)

Free Plan Available

Number of Users



Lowest Paid Plan

$12/agent /month

$15/agent /month

Highest Paid Plan

$12/agent /month

$50/agent /month

Last Updated Date: 1-April-2024

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Desk365 does what you expect from a much more expensive ticket system. The best thing however is the customer support. All questions about the software are answer quickly and completely and suggestions for improvement are treated seriously. They really make you feel they are part of your team.

Scientist Sensortechnologies


Posted on
February 26, 2023

Performance, Support, Easy-to-use. The Performance is incredible – one of the fastest Helpdesk systems I have ever worked with. The Support is just amazing. Any inquiries will be answered quickly and professionally. Easy-to-use: almost no one, from our ~100 employees, needed any training. It’s self-explanatory.

System & Network Administrator

Oil and energy

Posted on
February 22, 2023

Teams integration is fantastic and has improved user interaction by at least 500%. Tech team is notified in Teams when tickets come in. Users see tech questions and comments in their teams. Automation features are great. Knowledgebase is more than adequate and search functions work well. 

IT Manager


Posted on
March 14, 2023

Why should you choose Desk365 over Bold Desk?

Expand your reach beyond emails – reach your customers wherever they are. Access all the essential features needed to operate your helpdesk with a single payment and elevate your customer support game.

Effortless Setup of Intelligent Automations

Create sophisticated automations effortlessly by establishing automation rules triggered during ticket creation, updation and time-based triggers. The user-friendly interface is highly adaptable, allowing the seamless creation of rules based on diverse ticket and customer attributes, including keywords, events, subject lines, SLAs, and more.

Unique SLAs

Explore a range of SLA choices to enhance your workflow, providing the flexibility to set up regular reminders before ticket deadlines and ensuring proactive handling of escalations. Tailor your approach further by implementing a No SLA policy when needed, and benefit from the option of choosing unique SLAs for different companies.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

Create and send various types of surveys to gather direct feedback from your customers when the ticket is closed or resolved. Measure your customer’s satisfaction by using quantifiable data from these surveys. Collaborate with your Support team to analyze the data, identify areas for improvement, and make the necessary changes to enhance your customer satisfaction scores.

Generate Custom Reports

Build custom reports to gain insights into the critical aspects of your business. Track metrics like customer satisfaction ratings and agent performance, empowering you to make informed decisions that enhance your operations. Stay informed about your support team’s performance and leverage our comprehensive reports module to make better, data-driven decisions.

Customer Support Portal

Provide your customers with an online platform where they can create and manage tickets, check statuses, and access Knowledge Base. Design the Support Portal to reflect your branding and colors. Utilize advanced configuration options to control access, allowing entry only to signed-in users, Microsoft 365 sign-ins, and the ability to display specific articles to designated customers.

Microsoft 365 Workplace

Embrace the smooth nature of Microsoft Teams ticketing with a platform built from the ground up for Microsoft 365 environments. Leverage Desk365’s dedicated bots, namely the Agent Bot and Support Bot, to facilitate collaboration between your employees and support agents within the Teams interface, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

User-friendly Interface

Efficiently collaborate across multiple groups and departments within your organization to deliver prompt customer support. Enable your agents to discuss issues, share private notes, and engage with internal product experts seamlessly within the unified interface. Stay updated on ongoing activities and monitor ticket progress, all from the convenience of the same inbox.

Your Success Partner

In our comprehensive pro plan, we offer all the essential features and help you completely set up Desk365 with our Onboarding Specialist. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering, as we go above and beyond to address customer issues. We value your feedback the most. Begin your trial today and witness our exceptional customer service firsthand.

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