Supercharge your Ticket Responses with ‘Draft with AI’

Draft smarter, not harder. Unlock the power of AI to craft compelling responses in seconds.

Effortless Support Empowered by AI

With Draft with AI at their side, agents reclaim their time, experiencing less frustration and more delight as they effortlessly handle customer inquiries 

AI-Driven Efficiency

Boost your team’s productivity and efficiency by automating the response drafting process. Streamline ticket management, allowing agents to handle a higher volume of tickets with ease.

Unmatched Accuracy

Rest assured that every response is accurate and error-free. Our advanced AI algorithms continuously learn and adapt, ensuring that your responses are always relevant.

Global Communication Made Easy

Expand your reach and cater to a diverse customer base with ease. Communicate effectively with customers in their preferred language, fostering stronger relationships and increasing customer satisfaction.

Draft with AI: Your Ticket Solution, Simplified.

Change the way you handle customer inquiries and support tickets. With Desk365’s innovative “Draft with AI” feature craft compelling responses in seconds! 

Experiment with different response options until you find the perfect one. Desk365’s AI allows you to craft, edit, and refine responses until they meet your exact specifications, ensuring that every interaction with your customers is flawless. 
Choose to replace the entire text in the reply editor with the new response, modify the original text and redraft it, making corrections until it’s just right or manually copy and replace specific text in the reply editor for precise corrections. 

Say goodbye to embarrassing grammar mistakes and typos with Desk365’s AI-powered tool. Our system ensures that your responses are always grammatically correct, maintaining a professional image for your business. By eliminating errors, you enhance customer confidence and trust in your support team.  
This seamless attention to detail not only improves communication but also boosts customer satisfaction. Present a polished and professional front with every interaction and let your customers experience error-free communication. 

Break down language barriers effortlessly with Desk365’s AI-powered multilingual support. Our feature can translate responses into 15 different languages, enabling you to provide exceptional support to customers worldwide. This eliminates the need for manual translation, saving time and ensuring accuracy. 
By offering support in multiple languages, enhance customer satisfaction and expand your global reach. Deliver seamless, personalized assistance to a diverse customer base.

How to Use Draft with AI

New Developments Coming Soon!

Stay tuned for exciting updates! Desk365 is continuously innovating, and our upcoming automatic response generation feature will further streamline your ticket resolution process, ensuring faster and more efficient customer response. 

Experience the Power of Desk365's Draft with AI

Witness the power of our Draft with AI feature firsthand. Schedule a demo with our product experts and discover how Desk365’s AI solution can address your specific business requirements and enhance your support workflow.