The average number of tickets that have been logged or created in the help desk but have not yet been addressed or resolved by a support agent

What are Backlogs?

Backlog refers to a collection of unresolved or pending tickets that have not yet been addressed or resolved by support agents or relevant teams. Backlogs are essentially queues of tickets waiting to be processed, and they can accumulate for various reasons such as high-ticket volume, resource constraints, or prioritization of other tasks. 

Reasons why backlogs arise?

  • Challenges in prioritizing and managing the influx of tickets.  
  • High ticket volume, 
  • Unexpected issues, or  
  • Limited resources can contribute to the accumulation of unresolved tickets.

What impact do backlogs have?

Backlogs can impact adherence to service level agreements. If tickets are not resolved within the specified timeframes, it may lead to SLA breaches, potentially affecting customer satisfaction. 

Managing backlogs in a ticketing system is crucial for ensuring timely and effective customer support. Strategies may include implementing automation for routine tasks, optimizing workflows, allocating resources efficiently, and regularly reviewing and prioritizing tickets based on their impact and urgency. 

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