Email Templates

Email templates are pre-designed and formatted emails that are particularly useful for responding to common customer queries or issues.

What is an Email Template?

Email template is a pre-designed and pre-formatted messages that can be easily customized and used repeatedly for common types of customer interactions. Email templates play a significant role in streamlining customer service communications by providing a consistent and efficient way to respond to various inquiries. 

Importance of Email Templates to Customer Service:

  • Consistency: 

Email templates ensure that responses to customer inquiries are consistent in terms of tone, messaging, and information provided. This consistency contributes to a professional and reliable customer service experience. 

  • Time Efficiency: 

Templates save time for support agents by eliminating the need to compose responses from scratch for frequently encountered issues. Agents can access and personalize templates, reducing response times and improving overall efficiency. 

  • Accuracy: 

By using predefined email templates, agents can ensure that critical information, such as troubleshooting steps or policy details, is accurately conveyed in every response. This minimizes the risk of errors or inconsistencies. 

  • Brand Voice: 

Email templates help maintain a consistent brand voice across all customer communications. This ensures that interactions align with the company’s messaging and branding guidelines. 

How do Email Templates Work in Desk365?

  • Template Creation: 

Within Desk365, administrators or authorized users can create and customize email templates based on common scenarios or types of customer inquiries. These templates can include standardized responses, greetings, and relevant information. 

  • Categorization: 

Templates can be categorized based on the nature of the ticket’s status, allowing support agents to quickly locate and use the most appropriate template for a given situation. 

  • Canned Responses: 

When responding to customer tickets or emails, support agents can select and use the relevant template from the canned responses. This ensures that responses are consistent, accurate, and aligned with the company’s communication standards. 


Email templates are a valuable tool for enhancing the efficiency, consistency, and accuracy of customer service communications. They empower support teams to deliver high-quality responses promptly while maintaining a unified brand voice. 

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