Agent Collision

Occurs when multiple support agents attempt to work on or respond to the same customer ticket simultaneously

What is an Agent Collision?

Agent collision refers to a situation where multiple customer support agents attempt to respond to the same customer query simultaneously. This can lead to confusion, inefficiency, and potentially conflicting responses to the customer.  

How does it affect customer service?

  • Efficiency: Agent collision can result in redundant work, leading to a waste of time and resources. By avoiding collisions, Desk365 ensures that agents can focus on unique customer issues, resolving them more efficiently. 
  • Consistency: When agents collide, there’s a risk of inconsistent responses being provided to customers. Desk365 aims to prevent this by managing agent workload and ensuring that each customer inquiry is addressed by a single agent to maintain consistency in communication. 
  • Customer Experience: Collisions can lead to delays in issue resolution, and customers may receive conflicting information. This negatively impacts the overall customer experience.
    Desk365 aims to enhance customer satisfaction by minimizing such collisions and streamlining support processes.

How does Desk365 address Agent Collision?

Desk365 addresses this challenge by providing a powerful collision detection system that uses sophisticated algorithms to detect when multiple agents are simultaneously working on the same ticket.   

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