Average Time Taken by Agents

The average duration taken by support agents to handle and address customer inquiries, encompassing various stages from initial response to final resolution.

What is Average Time taken by Agents?

The average times taken by agents refer to the duration it takes for customer support agents to perform specific actions within the support process. In the context of Desk365, these times typically include: 

First Assigned Time: The time it takes for a customer support ticket to be assigned to a specific agent after it has been received. 

First Replied Time: The duration from the moment a customer inquiry is received to when the first response is provided by a support agent. 

Resolved Time: The time it takes for an agent to resolve a customer issue from the initial inquiry, indicating how efficiently problems are addressed. 

Closed Time: The overall duration from the initial customer inquiry to the final closure of the support tickets, encompassing resolution and administrative processes. 


These metrics help businesses assess the efficiency of their support operations, identify areas for improvement, and ensure timely and effective customer service. Monitoring these average times is crucial for maintaining high customer satisfaction levels and optimizing the performance of the support team. 

Significance and Benefits

  • Efficiency Evaluation: These metrics help evaluate the efficiency of agents in handling different stages of the support process. 
  • Resource Allocation: Understanding the time taken for assignments allows for better resource allocation and workload distribution among agents. 
  • Performance Benchmarking: By comparing these times against benchmarks or industry standards, Desk 365 enables businesses to set performance goals and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Efficient resolution and quick response times positively impact customer satisfaction, contributing to a positive customer experience. 
  • Identifying Bottlenecks: Monitoring these metrics aids in pinpointing bottlenecks or delays in the support process, enabling proactive measures to improve workflow. 
  • Continuous Improvement: Regularly analyzing these times fosters a culture of continuous improvement, allowing for adjustments and optimizations in customer support operations. 

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