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Configuring Automation Rules for ‘Time Based Triggers’ Setting up automation rules can help improve efficiency, reduce workload, and enhance customer experience. Desk365 has introduced automation rules that work on time based triggers, an exciting feature that is set to change the way businesses handle their customer support requests. In this article, we’ll take a closer look

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How To: Configure Automation Rules in Desk365

Automation rules in Desk365 help you define a workflow with a predefined set of actions that have to occur during Ticket Creation as well as during Ticket Updates. These actions can be triggered based on specific ticket or account properties and updates that happen to them. With the ability to

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Using original sender as ticket requester in agent forwarded emails

Support agents who have established personal relationships with customers often receive a high volume of support-related emails and feedback in their personal inboxes. As a support agent, it is crucial to monitor support-related emails that are sent to your personal inbox to ensure that you do not miss any important

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How To: Create a Custom Role Roles are used to configure how your support team members can access Desk365. For example, you may want new members of your team to just have access to view the tickets and maybe add notes to them, but not respond to support requests. Roles can be configured for different

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How To: Configure Customer Support Portal Giving customers fast, and immediate answers will help in improving customer satisfaction and make the brand stand out. What is a Customer Support Portal? A customer support portal is a self-serve, web-based online portal where your contacts can create tickets, check on the status of previously created tickets, view

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How To: Track time spent on tickets

Tracking time spent on tickets is critical for any helpdesk. Desk365 makes it easy to log time spent on tickets and to report on them. To start tracking time spent on a ticket, look for the ‘Time Entries’ section in the Ticket Details page. Add Time Entry: Click the ‘Add

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