Email Transcript

A record of a conversation or communication conducted through email that are valuable for documentation, reference, and tracking purposes.

What is Email Transcript?

Email Transcript is a feature designed to improve communication and collaboration within the helpdesk system. It allows you to capture and store the entire communication history of a support ticket, providing a comprehensive overview of interactions between your team and customers. 

What are its key benefits?

  • Complete Communication History 

Email Transcripts compile the entire conversation thread related to a support ticket, ensuring the team has a complete and detailed history of interactions. 

  • Improved Collaboration 

Email Transcripts enable team members to access the entire conversation, allowing for informed and coordinated responses. 

  • Transparent Customer Interactions 

Email Transcripts provide a clear view of how a ticket has progressed, making it easier to understand and address customer concerns. 

  • Efficient Ticket Resolution 

It helps in streamlining the ticket resolution process by having all relevant information in one place. This reduces the time spent searching for communication history and allows the team to focus on effective solutions. 

How do Email Transcripts Work on a Helpdesk?

  • Automatic Documentation 

Every email interaction related to a support ticket is automatically documented within the helpdesk platform. 

  • Threaded Communication 

Email Transcripts organize communication in a threaded format, making it easy to follow the flow of the conversation. 

  • Accessible to All Team Members 

All team members involved in the support process can access Email Transcripts, ensuring that everyone is on the same page when responding to customers. 

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