First Contact Resolution Rate

The percentage of customer inquiries resolved during the initial contact.

What is First Contact Resolution Rate (FCRR)?

First Contact Resolution Rate (FCRR) is a key performance indicator in any helpdesk ticketing system like Desk365. It measures the percentage of customer inquiries or issues that are successfully resolved during the initial contact with the support team.  
This metric assesses the efficiency of a support system in addressing and resolving customer concerns without the need for the customer to follow up or initiate subsequent contacts. 

How to Calculate the First Contact Resolution Rate?

The FCRR is calculated using the following formula: 

                             Number of issues resolved on first contact 
FCRR =             ———————————————————     ×100 

                                     Total number of issues received 

Significance of First Contact Resolution Rate

  • A high FCRR is indicative of a support team’s ability to meet customer needs promptly, leading to increased satisfaction and positive customer experiences. 
  • A high FCRR suggests that the support team is efficient and effective in resolving issues on the initial contact, showcasing a streamlined and responsive support process. 
  • A positive correlation exists between a high FCRR and customer loyalty. Resolving issues promptly on the first contact builds trust and loyalty among customers. 
  • Monitoring FCRR helps support managers identify areas for improvement and optimize operational processes to enhance the efficiency of issue resolution. 
  • FCRR serves as a benchmark for measuring the success of strategies aimed at improving the support process. Regular monitoring allows for ongoing adjustments and improvements. 
  • Consistently achieving a high FCRR contributes to a positive reputation for the support team and the overall brand, as customers perceive the organization as responsive, and customer focused.

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