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Meet Desk365, a cloud-based modern helpdesk that enables you to provide superior customer service across various channels like Email, Support Portal, Microsoft Teams, Web Forms, and more.

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Robust Ticketing Platform

Desk365 offers a multi-channel ticketing platform, that includes Microsoft Teams ticketing along with custom email servers and a customer support portal. This makes it easy to run a help desk that can interact well with Microsoft Teams as well as handle requests from other important channels which are convenient to your customers.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Provide world class support without breaking your bank. Desk365 offers premium support features at a budget-friendly cost. Our comprehensive Pro plan includes all the necessary features to manage a state-of-the-art helpdesk, in contrast to SupportBee which has limited capabilities and is not suitable for large businesses.

Ease of use

Upgrade your support operations by ditching outdated software. Take your support operations to the next level with Desk365, an intuitive and user-friendly helpdesk solution. The setup process is simple, and our onboarding experts will guide you through the transition, ensuring a smooth and successful onboarding to Desk365.

Comparing Desk365 vs. SupportBee

Features Desk365 SupportBee
Microsoft Teams App for Agents
Create tickets from Microsoft Teams
Email Ticketing
Customer Support Portal (Available only in Enterprise plan)
Web Form / Web Widget
Automations (More Robust & Powerful)
Knowledge Base
Custom Email Servers
Custom Forms
Custom Roles
Time Tracking
Customer Surveys (Multiple Survey Types)
Agent Collision Detection
Custom Statuses
API Access
Power Automate Connector
Azure AD Single Sign-On (Easy to set-up)
Onboarding Specialist
Email Support
Free Trial (21 Days) (14 Days)
Free Plan Available
Lowest Paid Plan $10/agent/month $13/agent/month
Highest Paid Plan $10/agent/month $17/agent/month

Last Updated Date: 15-May-2023

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“Desk365 has got all the right ingredients that a helpdesk solution needs under its belt. We use them to manage support for our inhouse & partner product portfolios, custom developments and change management requests. They are constantly innovating and bringing great features at a rapid pace. Apart from the great product itself, they have a fantastic customer support team that is always there to support you and get the features that you want to be implemented in the helpdesk.”
Jugal Piplani
Technical Solutions Manager, Gapcloud

Why should you choose Desk365 over SupportBee?

Desk365’s simplicity, customizability, & collaborative features make it the best SupportBee alternative for the support team looking to enhance efficiency and customer service.

Create advanced Automations

Easily establish and activate automation rules upon ticket creation and updates. Desk365’s highly customizable and easy-to-use interface makes creating complex workflows based on different ticket/customer attributes, keywords, subject lines, SLAs, and more a breeze.

Configure Robust SLAs

Different SLA options are available that enable you to set up periodic reminders before the tickets are due and help you to stay on top of ticket commitments. If needed, you can opt for a No SLA policy and also choose a different default SLA for different companies.

Highly configurable Surveys

Desk365 provides you with multiple survey choices. Create and send surveys to get direct feedback from your customers. Evaluate customer satisfaction by analyzing quantifiable data from these surveys. Collaborate with your team to pinpoint areas for improvement and implement changes to optimize your support team’s performance.

Better & Advanced Reporting

Customize your reports to get insights on what is crucial for your business. Get better and improved data on reports such as customer satisfaction ratings, ticket trends data or agent performance such as response time, resolved time, closure time. Stay informed on the performance of your support team and make data-driven decisions with the help of our robust built-in reports module.

Reduced ticket volumes

Effortlessly create and share solution articles using the Knowledge Base. Collaborate with other agents to review and publish articles. Save time and empower customers to find answers to their problems independently, without the need for constant support.

Prioritized Ticket Views

Create customized ticket views using easy to use filters that cover all ticket fields, including your custom created fields. Tickets can be automatically sorted by priority, due time, or status, so that you can focus on responding to the most important customer queries first.

Easily track the time spent on tickets

Time tracking is an essential aspect of a helpdesk, and Desk365 provides the ability to monitor the time spent by each agent on individual tickets. This can be done by manually inputting the time or using a timer function. Time tracking is useful when billing clients for the work done on their tickets.

Get all the essential features

Desk365 is a modern help desk that has all the essential features you need, without the bloat from features that are not useful anymore. We offer premium features such as Automations, SLAs, Custom forms, Azure AD single sign-On, enhanced ticket management, and collaborative tools, among others.

Worried about the effort involved in switching to Desk365?

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