Email Ticketing

Email ticketing is a customer support process that involves managing and responding to customer queries, issues, or requests through email.

What is Email Ticketing?

Email Ticketing is a powerful feature that transforms email communications into organized and trackable tickets. It simplifies the support process by converting incoming emails into actionable items within the helpdesk system. 

What are the Key Benefits of Email Ticketing?

  • Centralized Communication: 

All customer interactions through email are automatically converted into tickets, ensuring a centralized hub for managing and resolving support inquiries. 

  • Efficient Ticket Assignment: 

Helpdesk’s intelligently assigns tickets to the right support agents or teams, ensuring that each inquiry is directed to the most qualified resource. 

  • Automated Workflows: 

Streamline your support workflow with automated processes. From ticket creation to assignment and resolution, everything can be customized to automate repetitive tasks, saving time for your team. 

  • Knowledge Base Integration: 

Easily access relevant information by integrating a Knowledge Base. This helps agents provide accurate and consistent responses, improving the overall quality of customer support. 

  • Real-time Collaboration: 

Foster collaboration among your support team. Agents can collaborate in real-time, sharing insights and updates within the helpdesk platform to ensure a coordinated effort in resolving customer issues. 

How Email Ticketing Works in Desk365?

  • Ticket Creation: 

Any email sent to your designated support email address is automatically transformed into a ticket within Desk365. 

  • Smart Ticket Assignment: 

Desk365 uses predefined rules or manual assignment to direct tickets to the appropriate group or agent, ensuring efficient handling. 

  • Customer Communication: 

Respond to customers directly within the Desk365 platform, converting your replies into threaded ticket updates. 

  • Automated Responses: 

Keep your customers informed with automated responses, acknowledging the receipt of their email and providing expected response times. 

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