Merge Tickets

The process of combining multiple tickets or inquiries into a single, consolidated ticket.

What does Merging Tickets mean?

“Merging tickets” refers to the process of combining multiple support tickets into a single, unified ticket. In customer support and ticketing systems like Desk365, this feature is typically used when multiple tickets are related to the same issue or when they represent different aspects of a single problem. Merging tickets helps streamline communication, consolidate information, and provide a more cohesive and efficient approach to resolving customer inquiries. 

Key Aspects of Merging Tickets

  • Merging allows for the consolidation of relevant information. 
  • It helps eliminate redundancy in communication. 
  • Having all relevant information within a single ticket promotes more efficient communication, preventing the duplication of efforts. 
  • Merging tickets contributes to a better customer experience, demonstrating that the support team is well-coordinated and responsive. 
  • It streamlines workflows by reducing the number of open tickets, allowing agents to focus on resolving issues rather than managing multiple threads. 

How Merging Tickets Work in Desk365?

  • Agents identify multiple tickets that are related to the same issue or problem. 
  • Agents then select the primary ticket to which other tickets will be merged. The primary ticket often becomes the main thread of communication. 
  • Agents initiate the merger action, indicating the primary ticket and selecting the additional tickets to be merged into it. 
  • The system consolidates information from all merged tickets into the primary ticket, creating a unified and comprehensive record of the customer’s inquiry. 
  • After merging, secondary tickets are typically marked as closed leaving a private note for the agents. 

Support Guide: Merge duplicate tickets 

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