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How To: Customize the Desk365 Teams Support Bot

Desk365 Teams Support Bot is used by your Contacts (customers/users/end-users/employees/students) to create tickets, check on statuses, and respond to agents all from within Microsoft Teams. At Desk365, we deeply listen to our customers, and we have rolled out a slew of enhancements to the Teams Support Bot this week. The

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How To: Create Custom Ticket Forms In Desk365, you can create and use multiple custom ticket forms according to your own needs.  A ticket form is a set of predefined ticket fields for a specific service request. For example, you might need to collect different information for different workflows and having the same form for

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How To: Customize Ticket Statuses in Desk365 A support ticket will go through multiple teams and support agents during its lifecycle. Each of the teams and agents working on the ticket perform multiple operations on the ticket, from replying to the customer to adding additional notes and updating ticket properties, before assigning the ticket to another

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How To: Configure Customer Support Portal Giving customers fast, and immediate answers will help in improving customer satisfaction and make the brand stand out. What is a Customer Support Portal? A customer support portal is a self-serve, web-based online portal where your contacts can create tickets, check on the status of previously created tickets, view

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How To: Set Up Forwarding Rules in Office365

A key part of setting up your own custom support emails with Desk365 is making sure you’ve set up the correct forwarding rules so that emails sent to your custom email are forwarded to Desk365. In this article we’ll go over how to do this in Office365. Forwarding Email Address

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How To: Configure Custom Support Emails

When you create a Desk365 account we provide you with a default email ID, This will work as a default support email for your support team. Any email sent here will automatically be converted into tickets.  If you would rather use your own custom support email, like,  you

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How To: Add custom fields to the Create Ticket form You can customize ticket forms in Desk365 by adding custom ticket fields that work for your specific needs. To get started, go to the Settings > Admin > Ticket Fields tab in your Desk365 helpdesk. There are two types of custom fields: 1. Single Level Fields: These are fields

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The Microsoft Teams Desk365 Support Bot Setup Guide

Bring in the power of conversational ticketing to your helpdesk with the Desk365 Support Bot for Microsoft Teams. Below are the steps to get setup with the Support Bot. Downloading the Support Bot: First you’ll need to download the app manifest zip: Sign in to the Desk365 Web App. Go to

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